Expand your store’s offerings with premium products and services through the Kodak Moments Retail Software Version 24.1. This seamless experience for both consumers and staff match any Kodak Moments Kiosk system so it’s easy to integrate with your already-existing hardware. 

This retail software is more than just an ordering tool; it’s optimal for your store’s performance because you can decide how much clerk intervention you want to dedicate to order fulfillment. 

Kodak Moments retail software sell sheet

Software that enables omnichannel solutions. 

With multiple ways your consumers can place a custom photo order, Kodak Moments software can be configured to your business’s fulfillment capabilities. 

Delivery to home.

Order online for pickup in store.

Pick up in store in minutes.

Order in store, pick up in store with lab fulfillment. 

Kodak Moments Cabinets and software

Our software is designed with two separate user interfaces: one for your staff and one that’s consumer-facing. 

Kodak Moments Kiosk 

The consumer workflow makes it easy for consumers to understand the different in-store and out-of-store fulfillment options available at the Kodak Moments Kiosk. 

Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange Workstation

The Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange Workstation (APEX) is an all-in-one compact workstation. APEX serves as a Lab Manager and monitors the status of your orders from start to finish and provides details about percentage completion. Your staff will be able to learn this incredibly easy-to-use workflow and user interface in less than an hour. 

There are two modes for APEX: simple mode which is optimized for high-volume solutions and standard mode which is dialog-driven and optimized for lower volume solutions. 

Kodak Moments Self-Service Print Station

Self-service kiosks make it easy and convenient for your consumers to print their favorite photos in store. Consumers can create, order and pay at the Kodak Moments Kiosk, then claim and print at the Self-Service Print Station (SPS). Plus, our self-service kiosks bring in a new source of revenue to you, all without clerk intervention.

Kodak Moments retail environment

Customizable for your business needs.

We take pride in how easy it is for Kodak Moments to integrate into your space and provide a photo center that can easily be configured to your business. From hardware to software to services, you have the power to choose how your photo center is configured. 

Based on your business goals, these systems can also be configured with dynamic cloud capabilities: 

  • Marketing top screens and welcome screens
  • Main menu organization and merchandising
  • Add product cross sells and upsells 
  • Make automatic settings updates to help manage the entire fleet 
  • Pricing
  • Monthly Microsoft security updates
  • Manage your photo equipment fleet with ease and increase sales by limiting downtime and with easy, automatic updates through Remote Business Manager. 
Wireless connection and printing.

Wireless connection and printing.

Consumers can wirelessly connect to kiosk wifi by scanning the QR code on the screen. This QR code onboarding can expedite the photo upload process, plus, they can print photos directly from Facebook and Google Photos on their phone. 

Premium, in-store products.

Your consumers can create and order personalized premium products online for pickup in store such as our new Heat-Activated Mugs, Wall Tiles, Photo Panels and more. This expanded line of products is available through the APEX dry lab solution system behind the counter for clerks to use.

Cross-sell capabilities.

Cross-sell capabilities.

Leverage your merchandising power with customized product recommendations in the kiosk workflow. Prioritize which products are presented to the customer and their order of appearance and schedule seasonal products for cross sell. 

Technical support and maintenance.

Through Remote Business Manager (RBM), we provide new software releases multiple times a year and updates as necessary. 

The level of technical support we provide varies based on the region and country so check in with your sales representative. 

Get in touch with a sales representative to learn more about Kodak Moments Retail Software Version 24.1.