Kodak Moments Kiosk


Kodak Moments Kiosk

Today’s consumers want it now.

Provide instant gratification and easy self-service usability with the Kodak Moments Kiosk. Our focus on intuitive functionality combines with a powerful operation system to deliver what you need. Modular design options let you invest at your own pace-piece by piece to match sales growth.



  • Built-in Wireless capabilities for the fast, secure wireless connection via APPLE and ANDROID OS enabled phones
  • Consumers can print premium products from home for pick up at retail or at retail using their smartphones
  • Sleek interface design makes pictures pop and inspires consumers to do more with their everyday moments
  • Large 16:9 ratio, high resolution monitor brings your consumer’s Kodak Moments to life
  • Ability to offer multiple top screens to merchandise and drive additional sales.

Kodak Moments Kiosk G20 Order Station Sell Sheet

Printer Options

KODAK D4600 Duplex Photo Printer
I clienti non vogliono aspettare

Consistenza e aspetto lussuosi per prodotti che durano una vita. Colori vividi e realistici. Neri carichi e d'impatto. Tante opzioni creative e di formato.

  • Libri fotografici fronte/retro di alta qualità senza bordi
  • Calendari mensili senza bordi
  • Biglietti di auguri personalizzati fronte/retro piatti e senza bordi