Kiosk Fleet Management

Who are we

Leaders in kiosk fleet management.

Self-service kiosks are now the channel of choice for customers. They’re a critical part of any business to supplement an operation’s workforce and provide additional streams of revenue.

For decades, Kodak Moments has been the trusted partner to major retailers and entertainment leaders. 500,000 people use our 50,000 kiosks every day. 

Unlike any other kiosk maintenance contractor, we have a complete understanding of the importance of kiosk performance, how to manage a fleet and skilled resources to drive kiosk success.

Helping your business thrive and grow.

Kodak Moments Service & Support is an acclaimed global business-to-business service organization that provides a customizable kiosk service solution to enhance the value and reduce the risk for your technology investments.

Learn about the 10 valuable benefits that only Kodak Moments Service & Support can deliver.

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Kiosk Performance is Vital

A business partner you can trust.

Now more than ever, many companies are partnering closely with their suppliers to achieve growth, greater profitability and a competitive edge. Your partner should be willing to learn your business and propose innovative service solutions for long-term success. And we are ready to help you achieve that.

We’re sharing our expertise with you: our objectives are to maximize your business kiosk fleet’s return on investment and manage it efficiently from end to end: with remote software upgrades and point-of-sale analysis, we have a proven track record of increasing revenue, extending equipment lifecycle and eliminating overhead costs associated with logistics, inventory and supply chain management.



Our approach

Customizable to your business needs.

We offer service and support that is specific to your needs so you can market a unique and seamless experience to your customers. Whether you opt for a complete turnkey solution or a fully personalized program, our services are designed to be fully scalable to your business.

We have live call center agents that are fluent in English, Spanish and French to provide remote technical support whenever you need. Field techs are ready to be dispatched to your location for maintenance in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. A solution can be customized to your location to ensure each kiosk receives the service it needs to maintain operations.

Kiosks reach the consumer on the way home from work, on vacation, on the way back from an event or out shopping. It’s a proven fact that kiosks bring higher sales and shorter customer wait time so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.



Find out how Kodak Moments can service your kiosk fleet and partner with you at or 1-800-246-6485.

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