Kodak Moments Prints

Tap into a whole new revenue and business model powered by Kodak Moments Prints. With Kodak Moments Prints and service APIs, you can easily add an additional revenue source by enabling your app users to convert photos into gifts and keepsakes available same-day at retail.
Easy-to-use APIs provide a simple way to implement workflows including the ability to create orders and to locate participating retailers. We provide a product catalog and media specifications to perfectly match your app output to the desired product selections.  
Products included in the catalog are prints, greeting cards, posters, calendars, photo books and more. You get a revenue share for each sale.


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Kodak Moments Prints API Overview

The Kodak Moments Prints RESTful APIs enable customers to print photos and other exciting products through our global infrastructure and the largest fleet of quality output devices near the user. Using the Kodak Moments Prints RESTful APIs, you can:

  • Share store locations near users
  • Discover the print sizes and products at stores
  • Display pricing information
  • Upload images for printing
  • Create cart and order submission
  • Receive updates about the status of your order

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