The Travel & Leisure Market

Imaging Systems

Our souvenir photo solutions serve some of the leisure market’s largest, most iconic brands.

As an industry pioneer with decades of experience providing state-of-the-art solutions to the market since 1993, our easy-to-manage systems are highly scalable and designed to optimize retail sales and increase guest convenience. Let us help you integrate photo into your guest’s experience.

Capture your guest’s most memorable experiences


Capture your guest’s most memorable experiences with our wide range of easy-to-integrate photo and video imaging technologies. Our offerings include:

  • Highly scalable solutions capable of handling high-volume capture needs.
  • Ultra high-quality auto capture on some of the industry’s fastest attractions.
  • Flexible roving, meet & greet and studio solutions including background removal.
  • Specialized creative experiences, including bullet time, 360 and zoom capture.

Guest Touchpoints

With a broad range of mobile, self-serve kiosk, clerk-assisted and cloud-accessible solutions, you can be sure that your photo services are available to your guests in the most convenient manner they prefer, while controlling your labor costs. Our fleet management software gives you peace of mind that your photo systems remain fully operational across your venue attractions.


Your guests can easily access their photos with configurable tracking options that can readily integrate into your operations and systems, whether you utilize biometric, RFID, magnetic or barcode technologies. We treat guest privacy and tracking accuracy with the utmost importance and adhere to all regional regulations in this regard.


Give your guests memorable reminders of their unforgettable experiences at your venues with products that can be uniquely customized to your brand and attractions. From enhanced photo and video digital collections with composited themed content and augmented reality effects to print and photo gift products, you can delight your guests both on property and post-visit.

Professional Services

As a true partner, we will collaborate with you the entire way—from the initial planning process to seasonal initiatives and ongoing annual growth strategies. Our experienced, multi-function teams are available and dedicated to serving your unique needs.

Reach out to a sales representative today to learn how we can help you and your business flourish.


Our Services



We have knowledgeable account representatives and project managers who are always available to work in collaboration with you and your team.


Our creative brand team can produce video and photo product content, guest touch point design, retail signage, product website design and CRM materials.

Data Analytics &
Business Reporting

Track customer behavior, product sales and operational analytics with our extensive reporting capabilities. 


Experienced staff that can help address operations, management, selling skills and service—both live and virtually. Get access to an online refresher training library that is always available to you.


Our worldwide service infrastructure includes installation teams, field service staff, regional customer help desks and component repair facilities who utilize proactive monitoring tools to identify potential service issues before they arise.