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KODAK 8810 Photo Printer V6.07 Firmware

This release includes compatibility for new Flamingo media.

This release is compatible with all KPEX & OS versions.

Release Date
Installation Instructions

Install the firmware on all 8810 Printers connected to your Kiosks. Installation will take approximately 10 minutes.
IMPORTANT: Before you begin, make sure that:
• All 8810 Printers are connected, and listed as FOUND in Device Health Check.
• Each 8810 Printer indicates a “Ready” status on the display of the printer.
1. Make sure that the power for the printer(s) is on, and “Ready” appears on the display.
2. From the Main screen, touch [Setup]. Enter the password if necessary.
3. Touch [Install Software].
4. Insert the CD into the CD drive, or the USB Thumb Drive into an available USB Port.
5. At “Software Installation”, touch [Check for Media].
6. At “Installation CD Detected”, touch [Install].
When installation is complete, the CD ejects and the Kiosk restarts.
7. Remove and store the CD or USB Thumb Drive in the software wallet.
8. At, “Installation Complete”, touch [OK].
9. Does “Ready” appear on the display of the printer(s)?

Yes - Continue with “Verifying that the Firmware is Installed” below.

No - Install the firmware again. If “Ready” still does not display on the printer, contact Service and Support.

The Firmware is now installed on all 8810 Printers connected to your system.

Verifying that the Firmware is Installed
1. From the Main screen, touch [Setup]. Enter the password if necessary.
2. Touch [Diagnostics].
3. Touch [Application Health Check].
4. Verify that “KODAK 8810 Photo Printer Firmware v6.07” appears.
5. If “KODAK 8810 Photo Printer Firmware v6.07” does not appear, install the firmware again. If it still does not appear, contact Service and Support.
6. Touch:
• [Continue]
• [Start Over]

Resetting the Printer Calibration
IMPORTANT: Make sure the firmware is installed before you reset the calibration.
1. From the Setup screen of the Kiosk, touch [Manage Devices].
2. Touch [KODAK 8810 Photo Printer Options].
3. Touch [Reset Factory Calibration].
4. Touch [Yes] at the prompt.
The following message appears:
“Reset calibration succeeded.”
5. Touch [OK].
6. Touch:
• [Start Over]
• [Exit]

For any questions regarding Kodak Moments services and support you may contact us at or 1-800-246-6485.