Our Technology

The core of every Travel & Leisure installation – is an integrated, secure, fully-scalable, enterprise-wide imaging management platform. The result: the best possible guest experience, and the highest possible revenue enhancement for our partners.

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Guest photos are taken conveniently and unobtrusively

EPX offers the ability to capture virtually any guest experience, turning millions of memorable moments into multiple revenue streams.

Ride Still Capture

  • Professional digital SLR quality at up to 85 MPH
  • Solutions incorporating interactive scoring, in-ride display and precise preview timing
  • "Special Effects" preview subsystem


Studio / Set Image Capture

  • Designed for speed and throughput
  • Captures more than 100 guests per hour
  • One-touch customization enables guest-specific product output with no wait
  • Wireless or tethered flexibility
  • Green Screen and Augmented Reality enabled


Roving Capture

  • Camera configurations to meet any capture environment
  • Solutions that support almost any site workflow and tracking need
  • Upload options to enable immediate view and purchase


Guests view their pictures wherever and whenever they choose

Multiple customer touch points gives guests total access to view their photographs and make purchases whenever and wherever they choose – even after they head home.

Onsite Retail

  • Integrated image access & guest ordering
  • Able to view and purchase at point of sale retail location, and/or at a centrally located retail destination for guest convenience


Mobile Devices

  • Guests can download images using their hand-held mobile devices
  • System allows guests to place orders, pay for purchases right from their phone


Onsite Self-Service Kiosks

  • Guests can download images using onsite self-service photo kiosks
  • With credit card, guests can place orders, pay for purchases, receive their prints
  • Additional souvenir gifting options via onsite delivery or mail


Guest Computers and Tablets

  • Guests can use their laptops or onsite computers
  • Back at the hotel, or after they have returned home
  • System allows guests to download images, place orders and pay for purchases via any computer and the Internet


Guests receive multiple photo and souvenir gift purchase options

An ever-increasing portfolio of innovative products is available for guests to choose from, including digital videos, large-format prints, greeting cards, and other memory keepsakes.

Traditional Prints

  • High-quality digital photo prints
  • Available in standard sizes, from wallets to 8x10 portraits
  • Also available in unique sizes, from postcards to giant-size posters


Digital Photo Products

  • High margin digital offerings, including videos of rides and other thrill attractions
  • Output can be delivered via Photo CDs, DVDs, USB drives, email, export to Facebook or mobile device
  • Digital delivery allows viewers to replay and remember, again and again


3D and Augmented Reality

  • Single and multi-image collages, with advanced arrangement and editing capabilities
  • 3D & lenticular products
  • Multiple frame options, as well as personalized folders and photo albums


Photo Gifts

  • Profit-generating photo souvenirs and specialty keepsakes
  • Key chains, refrigerator magnets, mugs, mouse pads, and greeting cards
  • Incremental purchases of specialty items online, long after guests have departed


Guests decide where the prints and gifts are to be delivered

Guests can have their merchandise delivered to them at point-of-sale or at point-of-departure, or even delivered right to their door. The choice is always theirs, thanks to our unmatched guest identification, delivery and tracking solutions.

At Onsite Retail

  • The most common delivery option
  • Guests view prints, place and pay for orders at any retail location onsite
  • Fast, convenient transaction. Payment, pickup in minutes


To Remote and Hotel

  • Delivery from a single venue to a resort-wide network
  • Purchases delivered right to their room
  • Upon guest departure or at any time prior


At Front Gate Central Pickup

  • For guests who prefer not to carry their purchases with them
  • Option to pick up their souvenir gifts at the front gate, upon departure
  • Robust customer order tracking and delivery system


To Home Address

  • Prompt fulfillment of gifting options to guest residences
  • Internet storefront options replicating a venue's look and feel
  • Additional customized home delivery options tailored to partner needs and guest preferences